As a Veterinarian I developed BFF out of a lot of the clients' questions and concerns about their animals and the use of many products for their animals as well as from my experiences from working in Emergency Service, Private Practice and also at the University of Pennsylvania Animal Intensive Care Unit. Working in Emergency Service I came across so many strange and unusual scenarios with pet and product related incidents and found that most owners were not aware of the potential dangers or risks of product before and after the time of purchase. Also as a consumer myself (not just solely in the pet product world) I found it very difficult to find items that were of good quality, attention to design and aesthetics.

Hence my company BFF represents product selection based on years of experience with animals while also holding to upscale product selection and aesthetic design. Each item is hand selected by a Veterinarian for being either healthier for pets, higher quality products for pets, more Earth friendly and/ or helping enhance the human- animal bound.
Love your BFF (Boutique Fancy Fluff)
and Dr. Bonnie V., VMD


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Boutique Fancy Fluff (BFF) by Little Dog and Cat Clothing Co. "The Healthier, Happier, More Earth Friendly Online Pet Store!"-TM

"Just what the doggie/kitty doc ordered!"-TM"
Toys, yummy treats, bows, Earth friendly doggie walk bags, breed keychains, catnip galore and coming soon our health and healing line for pets as well as select foods"

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