Just what the Pet Doc Ordered! Veterinary Hand- Selected Stylish Pet Products:
"Pet Product Questions... Veterinary Solutions!"-TM"

Healthier, of higher quality, more Earth friendly or helping enhance the human- animal bond.

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE A COUPON CODE: DO NOT PUT SPACES BETWEEN LETTERS AND NUMBERS OR LETTERS! FOR EXAMPLE BFF 4 SHOULD BE BFF4. This month get your FREE High End Samples while supplies last with any purchase of $40 or more ( Pre- tax, pre-shipping, pre-coupon codes and handling) (please specify in your order if you would prefer a dog, cat or horse item as your gift). (Offers are subject to change with out prior notice. Void where prohibited).

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Welcome to Boutique Fancy Fluff (BFF) "The Healthier, Happier, More Earth Friendly Online Pet Store!"-TM

"Just what the doggie/kitty doc ordered!"-TM"
Toys, yummy treats, bows, Earth friendly doggie walk bags, breed keychains, catnip galore and coming soon heathier food options!"
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